Rummikub Club Registration 

Thank you for registering your Rummikub Club with us!

We hope your as crazy about playing Rummikub as we are. 

We wanted to make sure that you know why we are reaching out to Rummikub Clubs.  This program is run by Sweetpea Marketing and your data will be held for the sole purpose of the Rummikub Club promotional activity and to make sure your club is kept informed about future national and international competitions.  Your data will NOT passed onto any third party. 

To be eligible for your FREE Rummikub With A Twist you will need to verify your clubs activity.  A photo of the club group meeting to play the game would suffice and there is only one game offered per club.

Thank you for your ongoing support for Rummikub.  When you get your new game, we would love to see an image showing the club has received it and are having a go playing it, feel free to tell us about your experience.  This can either be posted to the Rummikub social media pages or sent to us directly at

We Hope You Enjoy Your New Game
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